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PLAYSHARP is a web-based solution that centralizes information about high-performance athletes. It allows you to quickly access athletic and sports data to optimize the performance of your athletes and teams.

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Simplify how you manage
your athletes

Planning, communication & coordination

With PLAYSHARP, information sharing is facilitated between contributors. Sport management is optimized, while simplifying your exchanges with your athletes.


Instantly access key data for each athlete in order to make objective decisions.

Fitness monitoring

Playsharp and Medisharp solutions work together so you can concentrate all your health and medical data in one place.

Training load (Foster, Banister, Coggan,…)

Plan sessions quickly according to the person's physical condition.

Test protocols

PLAYSHARP retrieves and analyzes all your athletes' test data.

Statistical analysis

Instantly access existing analyses and integrate your own.

Optimize the performance of your
athletes through data

Load and volume analysis

Our platform is ideal for planning by year, by block, or on a day-to-day level. It allows you to collect data (GPS, RPE, psychological questionnaires, HRV, O2 Saturation etc.) to evaluate your athletes' fitness and adapt their training to match.

Prevent overtraining and the risk of injury

Our artificial intelligence is based on the algorithmic skills of our partner, the Blaise Pascal Math Lab in Clermont-Ferrand.

A multi-sport platform

PLAYSHARP will help you and your organization go digital, adapting to your needs and the latest technological developments.

Our platform is available in SaaS mode or can be installed on your own servers.

PLAYSHARP is compatible with:

Playsharp mobile application

Gather and share
key information
with your athletes

The PLAYSHARP application will becomeyour primary tool for communication and information.

Easily access questionnaires, fitness data, diaries, instant messaging, etc.

An optimized and secure interface
for each profile

Data is shared as needed. Each stakeholder has individual and secure access and the information they have is clear and easy to read.


Plan and analyze your sessions quickly
so you can focus on the athlete.

Medical and paramedical

With instant access to athlete data, follow-ups are much more detailed and targeted.


View key athlete data in a matter of clicks and optimize your decision-making process.


Integrate your own analysis and share information more easily.


Simplify data collection for your sports- and health-related research.


Drive your sports management with ease, thanks to an objective overview of your organization.

Playsharp Interface

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that is tailored to meet your needs?

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