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Thanks to the quality of our algorithms, you will access key data to protect your athletes’ physical assets and improve their performance.


The constant quest for an optimal physical preparation allows athletes to prevent injuries and to better approach competitions.


With a lowered injury risk and an optimised athletic capacity, your best athletes are available, therefore increasing your chances of winning.

Welcome to the world of Sport Intelligence

  • Easily collect the data of your athletes.

  • Customise your reports and create your own alerts.

  • Follow your athletes’ physical condition.

  • Monitor their athletic performance and assess the risk of injury.


The overwhelming amount of data blurs its analysis and conceals indicators that allow to anticipate an injury. Playsharp decrypts all your athlete’s data and compiles them in an intuitive dashboard.

How it works ?

The Playsharp teams will deploy your 100% customised dashboard in 24 hours :
  • Choose your key indicators

  • Assess the athletic capacities of your team

  • Follow the evolution of each athlete’s profile

Works with

Constantly on the Watch

Our predictive models are the result of months of hard work between our sports specialists and the scientific world. They are constantly updated to allow you to better protect the physical capacity of the athlete.

Guaranteed data security

Medical data mining is managed in accordance with legal requirements and the host server is HADS certified. We continuously run security tests to protect your data.

Digital change management

We ambition to generalise the usage and knowledge of Sport Science. Our teams help sporting organisations in their digital transformation. We fully train the staff and support them during this change.

Multi-sports: Football, Rugby, Cycling...

They are using it !

Give your ambitions the means to succeed

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